Thursday, December 29, 2016

Travelling Lucy's

Initially I was going to call this post Lazy Lucy's because I didn't think I had done very many blocks this year. but as I sat own and looked at my phone and the blocks I have completed I realised that I had done so much more than I thought

the above block was made during our trip to Dubbo to the zoo, most of it was stitched in the car on the way, but some as we relaxed in the afternoons.

this one was started in the car on the way home. it was during this trip I decided that decided to go a different way and use the French general blue as my background.  You can read a little more about it here.

this block was created on the plane and in the airports as we travelled to France for our big adventure.

this block was completed in Paris . . . . . ohh Paris the city of my dreams . . . .

this block was started in Florence in Italy and finished in Turkey

this block was started in Cappadocia, Turkey and completed on the plane on the ride home

this block was made at home and is one of Shiralee Stitches blocks

this block was special it was cut out at the wonderful Sonia's and was the result of inspiration from a challenge that Chooky and Sonia had done one weekend. Sonia also has some of this fabric and some is in an envelope headed to ChookyBlue

this one was made from pieces sent to me from Chookyblue

and this was a block from Shiralee Stitches and is my last Block for 2016.

as six of these blocks were made during my and Mr Googy's adventures I thought travelling Lucy was much more appropriate.

I have just under ten blocks left to make and of course all the joiner blocks as well

I hope that this time next year I will be writing another post with lots more blocks from our adventures of 2017 and that Lucy will be getting so much closer to being finished

Au Revoir

Googy Girl

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Madness and insanity .... finally some peace and joy

Yes I m still here, no I didn't drop off the face of the planet, although to be honest I have felt very much that I have been very tied up in my own little world. Even Instagram has only had cursory check in s of late.  Why ???  . . . . . I don't know a thousand reasons . . . .  none really great or earths shaking. Just busy busy busy . . . . 

the lead up to Christmas has been Insane. work has been very busy and pretty exhausting. and I have been busy with lot's of secret sewing and knitting.  But somehow I managed to finish these gorgeous little bags ready to be gifted to all the lovely ladies that my husband works with . . . .
my girlies at work pouted that Mr Googy's work colleagues get  my hand made goodies and they don't . . . maybe if they are very good maybe next year.

for some reason my love of all things yarn has really come through strongly this second half of the year and I have been knitting knitting knitting. this rather oddly shaped thing is a shawl, designed by Truly Myrtle, which I made for my youngest daughter. My eldest got the same shawl just in a very light cream.  these shawls took several attempts to get right and to be honest i was none to thrilled with this one, until I did the magical blocking thing . . . . . Oh My what a difference blocking made it was like a good massage the whole thing just seem to relax and stretch out like a cat in them morning.

I was thrilled when I wrapped them as gifts and the girls adored them.

It's been interesting becoming addicted to yarn projects, it's like a whole new language and world has opened up and I have felt that feeling of being obsessed with a project again.
it's not that I don't love my stitching I still do I m just enjoying what I am doing right now
which I guess is what being creative is about
it's just going where you heart leads

the Christmas tree went up as it does most years with my whole family here together, we laughed and sang and nibbled on some of the amazing goodies that mr googy always seems to find or cook for us and we , in our annual tradition watched "Love actually"

Some members of the family just found a quiet spot to lay when ever the opportunity presented itself.

I made this nifty little bag, especially for my knitting and it was already and packed for Christmas Eve cast on, which is apparently a bit of thing Knitters do , not sure why . . . . .

but on Christmas Eve, once all the pre Christmas prep was done and the eating was done, we had played some games and we finally had a chance to quieten down for a bit of a rest 
my mum and I curled up on the lounge to watch a few episodes of Mrs Browns Boys and I started my  Christmas cast on project

the yarn is by the amazing Circus Tonic Handmade

 it took several attempts before I was happy with it, I think it had more to do with the bubbles I had consumed than the complexity of the pattern
it also probably had a lot to do with the joy of sitting there watching my mum laugh from the very depth of her belly, I think it has been a very long time since I have seen her so full of joy and it made me feel very happy, it is something I will etch in my memory forever.

Christmas Morning greeted us warm and sunny, a perfect Australian Christmas morning.
Again my family were all together, including my mum.
I got lot's of lovely things and we had a pretty quiet relaxing day

I made some super yummy ginger bread buttons for serviette rings and
we had a lovely Christmas lunch, lots of yummy food and finally I feel like all the madness and insanity were over and the peace and joy have finally arrived.

I love Christmas but it's such a busy time of the year with so much going on
that often Boxing Day is probably the most relaxing day of the year . . .  lol

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and look forward to hearing all your adventures in the new year

and sharing myn with you

Au Revoir

Googy Girl