Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A very scary moment

Earlier this year , after returning from Europe  Miss S and i attended the Sydney quilt and craft show. At that time i was doing a lot of cross stitch work and was using Mag eyes, which seemed to amuse my family no end, i decided to buy a light with a magnifier , the light is great it works with or without AC power.  I had it sitting in my lounge room near my favourite spot on the lounge.

to my absolute horror we had a science experiment go terribly wrong. As i am a seeker of sun, and as the days got warmer i threw open my blinds to welcome the warmth, i was conscious of the lamp and what could happen with the sun, and had on multiple occasions ensured it was positioned low out of the sun, but for some reason around this time i left it positioned over the back of the lounge

and this is what happened

my beautiful three year old lounge damaged. Fortunately we have an absolutely amazing leather repair man here in Newcastle he took my cushion away.
He was shocked when he seen the cushion and said that probably one more good burst of sun on that magnifying glass and it would have probably caught fire.

My light now resides in My sewing room in the corner away from any source of Sun.
this was a very sobering experience, the thought that i could have lost everything, all my photos of my girls as they grew were just a metre and a half away. a lifetime of memories almost lost.

my lounge now looks almost perfect, 

so i guess just a bit of a warning to all you lovely gals, be careful of your magnifying light and the sun.

Googy Girl

"life is like a cup of tea , it's all in how you make it"