Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bathurst blog meet 2015

Ohh I had the most lovely weekend. On Friday morning Jan and I headed out west to Bathurst. After a little stop at Blackheath for the compulsory antique shop and lunch we headed to The home patch where we did a little bit of retail therapy. We arrived late in the afternoon to the sounds of the corks popping.

What's the rules about drinking and sewing????
i don't think it's illegal . . . .  well, not yet

There was lots of concentration

And Victoria, after a pretty big rest over the winter, she got a work out 

She sewed

And sewed

Until all of the centre was together. I completed the centre at about 10am on Sunday morning
i purchased the red fabric for the next border today, so now i just need to save a little money then he'd down to red shed for some backing fabric and batting.

which batting do you prefer?

Of course we did so much more than just sewed, we had show and tell and we told stories , we laughed and like pavlov's dog we knew at the sound of a little bell that it was time for food. It was such a lovely weekend getting to know each other better. Some of us even tried to get their phone to talk dirty to them , with hilarious consequences.
It s very easy to get wrapped up in your own little bubble, it s not until you spend some time with some like minded friendly people that you realise the importance of good friends and laughter . . . . And a little retail therapy . . . 


            Googy Girl

                                     "Life is like a cup of tea, it s all in how you make it"