Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sydney craft show twenty sixteen

Early Saturday morning miss S and I headed down to Sydney to see the craft show. It was my first time at the glebe Island venue

I had planned to catch the bus from Central. But Miss S suggested the ferry I was so  glad she did it was really lovely cruising around the harbour

The glebe Island venue, looked small from the outside.... But  it was truly like the tardis

Inspired by Cardygirl I purchased a cross stitch, I have not done one of these for years. So I went small.... It's pretty cute and I m excited to have a go. I purchased this kit from Karen at Linen and Threads and I just want to say how absolutely lovely an experience it was, she was so very very helpful that when I decide to purchase a kit again, I will be contacting Karen.

The rest of my purchases. Some super cute scissors. My red led light...which the scissor man assured me charges faster because it s red.... Lol

Some fabric for my double wedding ring and MSG quilts. Some pounce powder and  binding clips.
I also had a really lovely long chat with Karen from Somerset patchwork. Somerset is always one of
my favourite shops.  She was just so lovely she happily helped me plan my Europe sewing project.  I was also fortunate enough to meet Di Ford who was very friendly and had a bit of a chat with us, happily answered all of Miss S 's questions about hand piecing.

Of course it was all made perfect because I got to have lunch with my gorgeous friend Cristie, who was working on the Bernina stand.

It was a wonderful day made all the better by the joy on my daughter's face.  To share something I enjoy with someone I love and see their joy just fills your heart.


Googy girl

"Life is like a cup of tea, it s all in how you make it"

Monday, June 8, 2015

Halfway . . . .

My crochet addiction continues, I can't help it the colours just make me happy.

I spent a little bit of time at the chookshed crocheting away, keeping Kate company as she finished her dresdens and keeping Chooky Company on our last night. At that point it did not really even keep my knees warm

The two thirds mark

Big enough to keep my crossed legs warm.
It s starting to feel like blanket now, and it's so soft and warm

And tonight I ve reached the half way mark.  It's been three weeks since I started. And I have enjoyed every moment. I m just smitten with it. I think the last Half may take a little longer. I m now back at work and I foresee busy days ahead. But that's okay it's not about the finished project it's about enjoying the journey. 


Googy Girl

Monday, June 1, 2015

Chookshed Party progress . . . . Saturday

Apparently Kate and I are naughty night owls . . . . 

Kate and I did get in a little trouble for keep the head chook awake so late and then we made the fatal error of sleeping in until 8am. The whip was well and truly cracked

The centre pieces of my DWR layed out ready to be joined.

After a long day of piecing just over 100 arcs centres ( the middle four pieces) joined. Now I just have to put the ends on. I ran out of steam and needed a break. So . . . . 


The 60 completed arcs I pieced before the party were joined to their melons.

Ohh and we did some playing with free motion quilting.

We had a great day Saturday.


Googy Girl 

Life is like a cup of tea, it s all in how you make it.