Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Secret sewing and new beginnings

wow i can't believe how long it has been since i have sat here at the computer and written in my blog.  i actually created a few drafts but then just deleted them for a variety of reasons. 

a few months back i was very fortunate to have been invited to join the most lovely group of girls for a weekend away at MiddleBrook, it was just heavenly sipping G & T's and eating yummy nibbles on the deck of an afternoon and stitching and chatting away throughout the day and into the wee small hours of the morning. They even managed to achieve something almost unheard of in my household.... i forsaked my morning cuppa and went for a walk. My husband knows full well that i won't do anything until that first cup of Tea is finished.....if we do a road trip and he want's to leave early he actually makes me one in my travel cup so i can have it in the car.

anyway the above photo was of a project i made whilst at Middlebrook, i arrived at middlebrook with some white fabric a charm pack and an idea in my head. This was to be a gift for my sister for christmas, the beginning of my secret sewing.

i was happy with it, but felt it lacked something . . . .

so i set it aside and worked on other projects and contemplated what i could add, i rummaged through books and found a design in my Gail Pan book ,  "Patchwork loves Embroidery" , and after a bit of tweaking  i created a little something in the corner to brighten the design. 

the second secret stitching project was for a christmas swap with my gorgeous sewing group, i made the gorgeous "Dave the Dachsund", I was inspired to make Dave by the gorgeous Susan after seeing hers at Middlebrook, and Susan even suggested that dave could become a wonderful stitching companion with the addition of a few items.  Dave was received by the perfect new owner my friend  Tiffany. Tiffany loves dogs,  so he was a great success.

and above is the making's of a new start for the new year, i was a cross stitcher way back when i was much slimmer , had more time and silver wasn't a colour in my hair.   Recently it has re entered my life, i must admit with the encouragement of the always wicked Cardygirl and Miss Linen the twin temptresses .

this cross stitch is a stitch - a -long organised by Miss Linen, commencing on the 1st of January 2016, i m very excited to start using my gorgeous overdyed threads and embark on a new adventure.

"i hope your hands are working on a project that you love"


Googy Girl

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bathurst blog meet 2015

Ohh I had the most lovely weekend. On Friday morning Jan and I headed out west to Bathurst. After a little stop at Blackheath for the compulsory antique shop and lunch we headed to The home patch where we did a little bit of retail therapy. We arrived late in the afternoon to the sounds of the corks popping.

What's the rules about drinking and sewing????
i don't think it's illegal . . . .  well, not yet

There was lots of concentration

And Victoria, after a pretty big rest over the winter, she got a work out 

She sewed

And sewed

Until all of the centre was together. I completed the centre at about 10am on Sunday morning
i purchased the red fabric for the next border today, so now i just need to save a little money then he'd down to red shed for some backing fabric and batting.

which batting do you prefer?

Of course we did so much more than just sewed, we had show and tell and we told stories , we laughed and like pavlov's dog we knew at the sound of a little bell that it was time for food. It was such a lovely weekend getting to know each other better. Some of us even tried to get their phone to talk dirty to them , with hilarious consequences.
It s very easy to get wrapped up in your own little bubble, it s not until you spend some time with some like minded friendly people that you realise the importance of good friends and laughter . . . . And a little retail therapy . . . 


            Googy Girl

                                     "Life is like a cup of tea, it s all in how you make it"

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Catherine quilt

Introducing the latest addition to my WIP quilt collection
the Catherine quilt

if you ve been following me for a while you will remember that last year i joined in a Churndash block swap with my local quilters group, the swap was organised by the gorgeous Cathy Pitkin

Last year at Bathurst, my trusty little Bonnie (singer featherweight) sewed together the last of the 110 churn dash blocks i needed to complete my quilt.
and then
my lovely little collection of churn dash blocks sat in a shoe box waiting

until about a month ago

i had been thinking about what i would work on at the Bathurst retreat this year
i have a lovely jelly roll with an idea of quilt . . . . . should i start something new?
i have A LOT of hand stitching ( i am currently about 3 months behind in the Lucy Boston blocks)
and of course i have the border to crochet on my cosy stripe quilt

i looked at my WIP's and there in their little shoe box was my churndash blocks.
and i thought that's what i want to work on, i want to put the top together.

so i wandered down to Onpoint (my local quilt shop) and the lovely Cath spent an awful lot of time helping me choose fabrics, Cath was favouring the pink i was favouring the antique gold but hadn't ruled out the blue.

i went home to contemplate my decision
i looked and looked at the photo's. and finally in the morning as i sat with my cup of tea i knew i was heading back to Cath's to get the antique gold.
i wanted this quilt to look old, really old like it had just came out of a really old trunk that had been stored in an attic. i wanted it to look like a civil war quilt.
the Gold was the only answer.

so i ve been playing on my design wall, moving blocks around

working out the final placement of the blocks and contemplating the name of this quilt
well that's not really true i think i always knew this quilt would be "Catherine"

when i first started looking at the background fabric i tried out a very purple / plum fabric i quite liked it and it was a major contender,
i was showing the ever fabulous Cardygirl and she commented that it was very moody like
"Wuthering Heights"
hmm my brain clicked with the name.
sadly the purple fabric was no longer available.

then the saddest of things occurred and the beautiful Cathy Pitkin passed away
leaving a hole in our little sewing group that could never be filled.

then as if it was just mean't to be when i picked up the first three bolts of fabrics to try out for the background the antique gold was in the first three.
the fabric is from the Jo Morton fabric range
so that was it a serendipitous moment

it could only be called Catherine in honour of my lovely friend

I ve been crunching the numbers, working out the size of Borders
and i believe that other than choosing  another fabric for the border
the Catherine quilt is almost ready to start

and i could nt be more excited, i think i am a little in love with this quilt already.


Googy Girl

"Life is like a cup of tea, it s all in how you make it"

Friday, August 21, 2015

I ve been thinking of this all day....

Chooky did a post about what she does to relax.... And today when I could catch a breath and had time to daydream about what I would like to do this evening.... This was the scene in my mind......

Maybe a little tidier, but exactly this.... My fire ticking away , my scrappy Chook quilt on my lap and a glass of red beside me.... 
How's your Friday looking . . . ?

Googy Girl

Friday, August 14, 2015

Scrappy Chook quilt

This beauty has been the focus of my attention for the past week or so . . . .

I ve been stitching in the ditch, on the diagonal, with the plan being to stabilise the quilt. Allowing me to come back later and do some gorgeous free motion quilting.

The job was way to big for the sewing cabinet so I have had to take over the dining room table . . . .
luckily the Googy household is pretty used to this and are happy to share their dinner with my quilt and Victoria 
One day I will have to invest in a new sewing  cabinet that has the extension table on the back . . . . 

The label is on, I guess I should explain why it s called the scrappy Chook quilt.
The two times that I have been fortunate enough to visit the Chook shed I have had the great fortune to sleep under one of chooky's gorgeous quilts. I loved it so much I wanted to make one for myself. So waaayyy Back in 2013 I did a workshop at Cottage on the hill. Kerry helped me by working out the pattern and choosing a lot of the fabrics, anyway you can see Chooky's quilt and read more about my quilt here

My Attic 24 cosy blanket, is all but finished. As you can see I had to fold it over the line, it s pretty long , I just need to put the borders on. Sadly as I started crocheting the border I realised that I was going to run out of wool so I had to buy more . . . .  Of course why pay postage on four balls of wool when you can get another whole kit for only a little extra . . . . So as we speak my next potential Attic 24 blanket is heading my way.

I hope your hands are working on a project that you love

Googy Girl
"Life is like a cup of tea, it s all in how you make it"

Monday, August 3, 2015

My comfy cosy stripey crochet blanket

Finally last night i crochet the final row on my attic 24 cosy strip blanket.
it was a bit of a interesting moment, it was wonderful to have reached this point but also a bit of a sad moment as i have enjoyed many snuggly warm nights under my blanket and it's a little sad to think this journey is almost over.

today i grabbed the opportunity to curl up in the warm winter sun streaming through my lounge room window to tidy up the threads

just adore the colours they are just such happy happy colours

too long to hang on the line, it had to be folded over

. . . time to start crocheting the borders now . . . 

look what i found , peeping up in my garden
on this beautiful winter day

i hope you had a lovely winter day


Googy Girl

"Life is like a cup of tea, it s all in how you make it"

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sydney craft show twenty sixteen

Early Saturday morning miss S and I headed down to Sydney to see the craft show. It was my first time at the glebe Island venue

I had planned to catch the bus from Central. But Miss S suggested the ferry I was so  glad she did it was really lovely cruising around the harbour

The glebe Island venue, looked small from the outside.... But  it was truly like the tardis

Inspired by Cardygirl I purchased a cross stitch, I have not done one of these for years. So I went small.... It's pretty cute and I m excited to have a go. I purchased this kit from Karen at Linen and Threads and I just want to say how absolutely lovely an experience it was, she was so very very helpful that when I decide to purchase a kit again, I will be contacting Karen.

The rest of my purchases. Some super cute scissors. My red led light...which the scissor man assured me charges faster because it s red.... Lol

Some fabric for my double wedding ring and MSG quilts. Some pounce powder and  binding clips.
I also had a really lovely long chat with Karen from Somerset patchwork. Somerset is always one of
my favourite shops.  She was just so lovely she happily helped me plan my Europe sewing project.  I was also fortunate enough to meet Di Ford who was very friendly and had a bit of a chat with us, happily answered all of Miss S 's questions about hand piecing.

Of course it was all made perfect because I got to have lunch with my gorgeous friend Cristie, who was working on the Bernina stand.

It was a wonderful day made all the better by the joy on my daughter's face.  To share something I enjoy with someone I love and see their joy just fills your heart.


Googy girl

"Life is like a cup of tea, it s all in how you make it"

Monday, June 8, 2015

Halfway . . . .

My crochet addiction continues, I can't help it the colours just make me happy.

I spent a little bit of time at the chookshed crocheting away, keeping Kate company as she finished her dresdens and keeping Chooky Company on our last night. At that point it did not really even keep my knees warm

The two thirds mark

Big enough to keep my crossed legs warm.
It s starting to feel like blanket now, and it's so soft and warm

And tonight I ve reached the half way mark.  It's been three weeks since I started. And I have enjoyed every moment. I m just smitten with it. I think the last Half may take a little longer. I m now back at work and I foresee busy days ahead. But that's okay it's not about the finished project it's about enjoying the journey. 


Googy Girl

Monday, June 1, 2015

Chookshed Party progress . . . . Saturday

Apparently Kate and I are naughty night owls . . . . 

Kate and I did get in a little trouble for keep the head chook awake so late and then we made the fatal error of sleeping in until 8am. The whip was well and truly cracked

The centre pieces of my DWR layed out ready to be joined.

After a long day of piecing just over 100 arcs centres ( the middle four pieces) joined. Now I just have to put the ends on. I ran out of steam and needed a break. So . . . . 


The 60 completed arcs I pieced before the party were joined to their melons.

Ohh and we did some playing with free motion quilting.

We had a great day Saturday.


Googy Girl 

Life is like a cup of tea, it s all in how you make it.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Chookshed party

As you can see, it s a busy day in the chookshed. My DWR has been taken out of storage. What a way to spend your day. Just waiting for Kate to arrive. 


Googy girl

Life is like a cup of tea, it s all in how you make it.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Just a bit hooked

A few months ago I posted about my decision to return to my childhood hobby of working with yarn. I made some washers , using both crochet and knitting, and some fingerless gloves all projects inspired by the jellywares yarn club.

I enjoyed working with yarn so much that I decided to take on a new . . . . Larger challenge. For quite a long time I have been following attic 24. I love Lucy s bright colourful blog. I enjoy watching her create her lovely designs. Back in November last year, Lucy started her cosy stripe blanket crochet along. I instantly was drawn to the project, I loved the colours however I resisted temptation. Knowing that a crochet blanket was a long term project, and I already have so many of those . . . . . LOL.

Over the past few months I have spent quite a few visits to Lucy s blog and drooled over her beautiful blanket. 

So I caved in , and the lovely gadget and the girls ordered the wool pack from Lucy s store.

The yarn arrived in time to be my Mother's Day present.  To my frustration I flew out to Fiji the next day and my 15 ball of gorgeous wool remained at home, really it was too big to pack in my suitcase. I did contemplate it though.

I couldn't wait to get home so i could get started. i did keep myself occupied with some other lovely projects, which i will share with you soon. 

As soon as I got home I got started 

And from the first moment I was hooked, I loved it. I loved the colours I enjoyed the rhythm of the crochet. 

Progress was pretty quick and I had achieved 13 rows in the first 48 hours. Ok . . . . yeh I did have some very late nights . . . . . Well I did have some television catching up to do . . . . 

And here I am just five days later and I have completed 30 rows and used all 15 colours. so i have now completed 1/6th of my blanket

I m probably a little biased but I think it looks really gorgeous. The above photo probably does nt do the colours justice, it was taken at night. 

I look forward to keeping you updated on the progress of my own cosy stripe blanket . . .


Googy girl

Friday, April 24, 2015

After the storm

Well as most of you probably already know the eastern coast of NSW was hit by an east coast low, which is basically a category 2 cyclone. Newcastle and the Hunter ( and many other areas as well) were hit pretty badly.  thousands of households in the hunter area have been with out power for many days. many were also with out water. Newcastle itself appears to have been mainly damaged by the high speed winds but further up in the Maitland area flooding has and is the major issue facing many households.

along the Newcastle foreshore huge old tree s were ripped out of the ground

signs were either blown over or badly damaged, the rough seas caused damage to the ocean roads and walkways. at one point the ocean baths at newcastle were barely recognisable they were just covered by the seas

Civic park lost many of it's beautiful trees.
cars were crushed and some houses roofs and some were crushed beneath huge trees. 

Fortunately Gadget and i were safe in our little home, which has now sheltered us very safely through two major storms (the June 2007 storm). we were amongst the fortunate few in who did not loose power or water.

My Mum and Sister live just 40 mins from us on a few acres, they lost 15 trees, one coming down across the corner of my mums house another falling across the apartment my nephew and his fiancee share. The family spent many hours trying to stop water from entering the house's.
the flooding in the surrounding area prevented the family from travelling to and opening their family business for several days. But they are all safe and well. and fortunately the local SES were able to come in and clear some of the tress allowing them to move around safely.

(photo's courtesy of my Nephew)

It was a truely scary 48 hours, my babies were both away from home, but both fortunately were safe and warm. Fortunately i was on days off from work, so i did nt have to go out in the weather at all and used the opportunity to catch up on some sewing and knitting and spending time with Gadget and Mr Cooper.

After it was all over it was wonderful to see the sunlight streaming through the window once again

I hope everyone is safe and warm, my heartfelt condolences go out to those whom have lost family members.

i hope where ever you are you are surrounded by the love and warmth of your family


Googy girl

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Oh happy mail day ......

a few weeks ago i decided to sign up for the Jellywares autumn yarn club.  for the past few years my life has been filled with the thrill of making quilts and occasionally new clothes. My creative life centered around my sewing machine.  but when i was very young wool was the medium i worked with more than anything. When i was little my mum crocheted, at one point when there was very little money my mum would buy old handmade jumpers /cardigans and unravel them so she could make crochet blankets. My job was to roll the wool into balls. The other major influence in my childhood was Cookie, our lovely elderly neighbor from across the road. Cookie was a prolific knitter. i spent many afternoons after school at Cookie's house waiting for my parents to come home from work. it didn't take long with my all consuming desire to learn for Cookie to teach me to knit. she had an abundance of scraps of wool and i would toil away making scraps of knitting. I think my first major achievement was knitting a jumper when i was in about year seven at high school. My mum tried multiple times to teach me to crochet but for some reason i never took to it and much preferred the clack clack of the knitting needles.  During this time i also kept myself entertained sewing my dads hankies into clothes for my Barbie dolls on my mums old singer sewing machine. Much to dad's frustration he often picked up his hankies, to discovered they had had arm holes cut into them or they had been stitched together in some way. Luckily mum had a reasonable stash of scraps of fabric and i soon left dad's hankies in peace.

But back to my happy mail day. I had decided it was time to challenge myself and start working with yarn again. To make something i would nt normally. so i happily signed up for three months of lovely packages being delivered to my door.

so this gorgeous box, my first package, arrived the other day.  I had been anxiously awaiting it's arrival. I was on night duty last week , and each time i woke in the afternoon one of the first things i would say to my family was "is there any mail?'

this reminded me of when i was young and i would be waiting for a letter from a penfriend from England. I still find receiving mail gives me that little thrill of receiving something from some foreign destination. It 's such a shame that the only mail i receive these days are bills ........LOL. i really miss having a penpal to send / receive snail mail letters to and from.

but i m drifting again . . . . . . this lovely box arrived on Thursday and inside was my first  yarn sent from Jodie. A gorgeous vibrant colored cotton yarn. included was a gorgeous little project bag to hold my yarn. Included were six recommended projects, all face washers. Three knitted, three crocheted. I decided that crochet was the go as i really loved the lacey look of two of the recommended face washers.

So i rolled my hank of yarn into a ball, just as i used to roll mums wool when i was little. i dug out my crochet hook and set to work. with the assistance of the WWW to remind me how to do a treble crochet, to understand what a DC or SC was.  To have knitted the face washer would have been easy but i wanted a challenge.

so let's see how that goes for me . . . . LOL

do you like a challenge? do you like to push yourself outside your comfort zone?

"i hope your hands are working on a project that you love"

Googy Girl