Thursday, March 6, 2014

12hrs of stitching fun

On Saturday I packed up Victoria (my sewing machine) and we headed off to Thorpe and co
For 12 hours of sewing fun.

The marathon girls all lined up awaiting instructions

We had a choice of creating a project designed by Cristie or working on our own projects. I decided that since I had nt worked on Merrimack since just after Christmas that I would work on it. But after seeing the lovely quilts , Cristie s project, the girls were making I though about changing my mind. . . . . But I resisted temptation

This my centre block with it s first tiny very carefully cut border, I think it frames the block perfectly ( but I am a little biased)

The Marathon ladies were spread out throughout the store , surrounded by new machines, fabric and all manner of temptations, upstairs we had lovely food layed out for us, fruit, cheese and cakes for lunch/afternoon tea. At happy hour we were each offered a glass or two of bubbles and dinner included a scrumptious meal, including Maarten's very own fried rice, roast chicken and salads finished by ice creams for Desert. Cristie, Sue and Sue's lovely daughter (sorry I did nt get her name) took such great care of us......

I had a bit of work to do on the star blocks, they were month two blocks and have been the most time consuming blocks yet and then I soon had my second borders together

Second border on and I m thinking it looks really good, it was certainly very popular with many of the ladies commenting and stopping off to see how it was progressing. I m pretty impressed with it, especially since most of the blocks have been pieced on Victoria including those 5" eight pointed star blocks.

Unfortunately when I was fussy cutting the last borders, tiredness got the better of me and I cut one of the borders wrong, so at the moment my Merrimack has 3/4 of her 3rd border on. I was pretty disappointed in myself but mistakes happen , I tried to piece it together, but decided in the end to just purchase some more fabric.

It was a long couple of days, before I got to talk to the lovely Karen at Somerset Patchwork whom was extremely helpful and my extra fabric will be on its way soon. All in all I had a fabulous day and will be counting the days until the next 12 hour marathon . . . . .

" I hope your hands are working on a project that you love "


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