Saturday, December 6, 2014

Lucy Boston BOM

My lovely friend Sandy has started her online business, Shiralee stitches. She sends out a regular newsletter and a few weeks ago I received her newsletter and discovered she was doing her first BOM program

And what a first BOM program to start with . . . . . 
A Lucy Boston block /Quilt is something I have long thought about making. So when I seen Sandy was doing this I just couldn't resist.
Actually signing up for this BOM caused me some drama s. I signed up for it the Thursday night before I drove to Bathurst for the bloggers meet. Unfortunately I arrived in Leura and discovered I had left my wallet / credit cards on the lounge. Luckily I had my license and my bank allowed me to withdraw money without my card. So it did nt inhibit my spending too much
although Chooky had offered some financial assistance if required.

Just love the fabric in this block, the fabrics are from the Community fabric range, a lovely range from the Collections for a Cause,by Marcus fabrics

It all came together so easily, I actually did a little stitching when i was on night duty
at home of course . . . 

All complete, probably one of the quickest BOM's I have ever done. Can t wait till next month.

If you would like to join the fun pop on over to Shiralee Stitches and sign up.

" I hope your hands are working on a project that you love"


Googy girl

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Crafting frenzy

Two weekends ago I was fortunate to spend the whole weekend with the most lovely group of Women. I attended the Bathurst blog meet. Held this year at the Vale at Perthville. organised by the fabulous Chookyblue.

It was pretty exciting in many ways, I got to visit,

The home patch and do some serious retail therapy.

I just adore Annie s designs and added these to my collection.

I also got to do a few laps around Mt Panorama ( something now off my bucket list) it was a really fabulous weekend and I returned home refreshed and enthusiastic to get crafty. But not just with sewing.

After many discussions with Sonia my enthusiasm for baking bread was re invigorated and I have started a new sourdough starter, we did have a little hiccup but Sonia popped me back on the right track and I really hope to make a loaf this weekend.

After chatting with Kylie and Jodie I felt a little enthused to get my knitting needles back out and since a purchased some lovely cotton off Jodie I thought I would knit a face washer as a Christmas gift.

Before I went to Bathurst I had purchased some cord to have a go at a cord basket, so I made one of those as well. They are super quick and relatively easy.

And whilst i was at Bathurst I started a pincushion designed by Anni, I nearly have the top complete.

So I ve been a very busy gal. But it feels just great.

if you would like to see more photo's of the blog met head on over to 

"Hope your hands are working on a project that you love"


Googy Girl

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

churndash, churndash, CHURNDASH

One of my friends said I was obsessed, and I think she could be right
. . . LOL . . .

Previously ( a long time ago) I posted that I was participating in a block swap
For eight months i diligently made my ten churndash blocks, delivered them to the meeting , unfortunately not in person most of the time, but I have great friends who helped me out.

I started looking at lay outs, I m liking the zigzag setting at the moment

At the end of the eight months I had 80 gorgeous, 4 1/2 inch churndash blocks. When I calculated how big a quilt the would make I quickly realised that I needed more at first just a couple
But recalculation showed I would still get a smallish quilt, a single bed size. Then I thought ohh I ll make it bigger so I kept making them and kept making them

Then I played with backgrounds, I wanted something that looked antique, the general consensus through Instagram was that the cheddar was the favourite. Although I do like the purple and pink too

As of today I have 20 blocks left to make, these are all cut ready for my weekend in Bathurst for the blog meet. I'm yet to find and buy my background fabric.

Am I obsessed, yeh a little, but that's how we get quilts made and if it keeps me running back to the sewing room it's a good thing

Don't you think?

Do you get obsessed with a project?

" hope your hands are working on a project that you love"


Googy girl

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


okay now i know that Chooky will be absolutely cringing at this post, but my blog is my Journal (admittedly a quite neglected journal at the moment) and therefore i feel that such huge occurrence as a new addition to the family needs to be recorded. Soo Chooky if you decide to stop reading now, i will totally understand . . . . . .LOL

i just love animals, i always have, when i was younger  my mum and dad used to say to me that when i grew up i would need a lot of land, as i was always bringing animals home, birds, frogs, tadpoles, cat's and dogs anything, I just loved animals.  When i was young i was all about cats but in  recent years  it has mainly been dogs. 

anyway you all know about Cooper, my super gorgeous Cocker spaniel / poodle cross. Recently though we added a new addition. Miss S our youngest has been asking for a pet for quite a while and well the planets all lined up and she finally got her wish.

This is Edward, mainly referred to as Eddie. Eddie is a pure breed Cocker Spaniel.
in the above photo he was just 9 weeks old with the sharpest teeth you have ever felt.

Eddie quite likes hanging out with his human grandma in the sewing room, at the moment he is much more interested in what i m doing then guarding the house with Cooper.

he can make it pretty challenging to do most things, Nahh grandma don't read play with me play with me . . . . . . .

unfortunately other than sleeping and playing chase with Cooper (they are the best of mates, most of the time) Eddie likes to Chew, soo we have had to do a little bit of temporary re-shuffling. You see Eddie really loves chewing on my Jute floor rug, no amount of discouragement seems to deter him. So for the sake of peace  (and to save the mat) the mat has been moved. Our house is predominately floor boards throughout so i thought well the sewing room could do with a bit of a cosy rug . . . . . . . .

so after a lot of shuffling 
Tah dahhhh 
Eddie thinks it's a pretty good idea too, not so sure my rolly chair will roll so well now but at least my tootsies won't be cold, the sewing machine pedal won't slide away and the mat has been saved from Eddies ever busy teeth . . . . . .

"I Hope your hands are working on a project that you love"

Googy Girl

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Nundle 2014

Last weekend I headed up to Nundle for my annual retreat weekend at the Cottage on the hill.

Early Saturday morning and the machines are all lined up the fabric is cut and we are ready to go.

I decided I would start to make my nieces wedding's quilt. The pattern I chose was the disappearing pinwheel block from the Missouri star quilt company this is the link if you want to see how the block / quilt is made

Lucky for me Kerry did all of my cutting, and there was a lot of cutting. It was so fun to play with all the possible blocks i could make, we all stood around the table looking at the different possibilities

Then later that night we played with the blocks to see the different options of  how the quilt possibly  could look. the choice was put to the future bride and she chose top right.

one of the things I love is when a room full of quilters play with blocks and layouts, we spent many hours, twisting and turning blocks to see the different effects. Luckily we had Miss Jules to twist and turn the blocks for us.

Not surprisingly for me, I did nt leave Nundle with a finished quilt. But that's okay I wanted to pin my blocks on the design wall and mull over their placement . . . .

i like to take my time deciding . . . .
some would say i procrastinate . . . . a bit

this is where i am up to to date. . . . . well. . . . .  actually i ve done a Little more i currently just need to pin the last row up, (it's 6 x6) then decide on the final position then it's sew, sew, sew. . . . .

and i 'm sorry Ashton and Cameron
this is the last photo you will see
the rest is a surprise

"i hope your hands are working on a project that you love"

Googy Girl 

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Churn dash , Madeleine's and a lovely birthday

For the last few weeks things have been a little topsy turvey in the Googy household. I have had some temporary changes in my work, I am currently doing relief work in two very different areas. Over the past few weeks I have worked in any of the three areas i am employed in any 7 day period. This has caused a little kaos, I thought the shift work was a bit chaotic but this has been insane.  there is nothing like receiving a text from either gadget or one of the girls asking me where i am working today and what time will i be home.   The change has seen me working mainly Monday to Friday nine to five ( with a couple of night duties thrown in) and I must say I thought this would be really good as I could get a bit of a routine happening but I did nt realise just how much I manage to achieve (especially in the sewing room) on those mid week days off or the five or so hours in the morning before an afternoon shift.

I ve continued to keep plugging away at my churn dash blocks for the churn dash swap with the Novocastrian quilters. I have now started making individual ones as well, I need to make another twenty to make the a quilt I have planned. I have also been doing some machine quilting with Victoria so she is set up for quilting and Bonnie has been working away at my piecing. I have to confess though that coming home at dark and the cold winter nights and the super cosy fire has really slowed my machine work down as i have discovered that the nest is really not that cosy . . .  on a cold winter night.

amidst all this chaos I celebrated my birthday and one of the gifts my clever family gave me was a new cook book. I love cook books. I watched Rachel Khoo recently on foxtel and just loved her simplified versions of traditional french fare. This has got me all inspired and since the kitchen is close to the lounge room and the nice cosy fire, I ve been baking . . . .

My first go at Madeleine 's, gorgeous little shell shaped sponge cakes, these totally disappeared within 24 hours . . . So I am pretty sure they were a hit.
and i will be baking them again, very soon

These were the lovely fabrics my gorgeous secret sewing sisters sent me for my birthday , some beautiful deep reds, some gorgeous oranges and lots of shirtings to help me make lots of gorgeous little churn dash blocks. The greens were a special gift given to me as an early birthday present to go with all the lovely fabrics I purchased at the Margaret Sampson George workshop and they have already been put to good use.

All up it's been a busy few weeks since I last blogged, but hopefully now I am getting into a routine and will get back to getting my projects and my blog on track.

"I hope your hands are working on a project that you love"


Googy girl

Sunday, June 22, 2014

My new old machine

A few weekends ago I spent a beautiful weekend away with my stitching buddies. One of them had a gorgeous Singer 222. This little machine just stitched away all weekend as she worked on project after project. It was just the cutest little thing.

I had previously seen these machines and have always wanted one. So after the weekend away I came home and did a little internet research on these machines, ending up on EBay. This little machine was up for auction.

With just 1 hr to go. So just like my Winnetta this purchase was a spare of the moment decision. Gadget and I discussed it, and I talked with my friend who was stitching away on the weekend and with a price in mind we bid with one minute to go.....and tah dah
We won

This is the first Singer I have ever owned however I spent most of my childhood stitching on my mums singer. I just adore my new baby. The previous owner told me it had been serviced just 12 months ago and that the machine was pretty much unused for most of it s time in her possession.

The singer 221 Featherweight portable sewing machines were made between 1933 and 1964. The machine (model 221), weighs about 11 pounds and was made to take to classes. I did a little research and discovered my machine was made on April 24, 1950 in Clydebank, Scotland.

She is in perfect condition, with almost no scratches, her decals are perfect with no rub marks.

She came with all of her original accessories, including the manual, lubricant and needles in their original packet. She sews like a dream and has already done some piecing for me.

She packs away in this super cute little box and I even have the key to lock her up.

And of course she needed a name, so considering she is Scotish I have named her Bonnie.
I am hoping that her first workshop will be at my weekend away at Nundle in August.

I just love vintage things, don t you?

"I hope your hands are working on a project that you love"


Googy girl

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

MSG and a weekend getaway

Usually during the winter months, our caravan (Bridget) is tucked away under her protective cover, however with the trip to Bali, we missed our usual Easter weekend get away and have had something or other on most weekends since so we really have had much time away this year.

Gadget decided he wanted some time away so he hooked up Bridget and he and Cooper headed off on Friday evening, To the beautiful Monkerai Valley, my favourite place to get away.

Cooper really enjoyed the winter sun, being outdoors and away from home.

Whilst the boys were playing in the sun , I headed to a workshop with Margaret Sampson George.
It was a wonderful day learning a lot from a very talented quilt artist and being totally surrounded by my gorgeous quilting friends.

I just love the details that Margaret adds to her quilts, you really need to study them closely to see them all. This frog was just perfect.

I needed to do a bit of shopping of course, every new quilt needs new fabric, with the bottom lavender check fabric being the background for my new quilt. Some of these fabrics are a l little left of centre for me, in recent times i have done most of my work with reproductions and i have to admit to feeling a little challenged , but everyone needs to step outside their box.
so this quilt will be an interesting adventure.

After the workshop I jumped in my trusty little red car and headed off to join my boys. We had a lovely campfire stew for dinner and we sat around the fire chatting about our day. Unfortunately on Sunday their was a fair bit of wind, and we were forced to spend many hours inside the van. But I did get to do a bit of stitching, with the view above providing a beautiful view.

I also took the opportunity to catch up on my reading and finished reading my latest book. I wish I could say it was a great weekend away but with the wind forcing us inside and the temperature dropping to freezing ( well it felt like it)!overnight, I have to say I was pretty happy to pack up and head home.....

Do you have a favourite place to get away for a weekend?

"Hoping that hands are working in a project that you love"



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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Chookshed sewing party

Unfortunately I was unable to travel to celebrate the chookshed's 2nd birthday. I needed to split myself into four, I had so many invitations this weekend.

I did join the celebrations in spirit however by stitching along with my friends in cyberspace.

I had a glass or two of bubbles to toast the birthday shed . . . Lol

And sat in the sun stitching along with my friends, a work in progress, Merrimack

Almost finished, loving the late afternoon sun

And the second appliqué block is completed, just two more to go. I just love this block even though it feels like it takes me ages to complete one block. I am getting a huge sense of satisfaction as they come together.

I hope your hands are working on a project that you love


Googy girl

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

churn dash block swap

The churn dash block has alway been amongst my favourite traditional blocks. 
I did consider running a block swap, just so I could gather lots of these super cute blocks. 
Well lucky for me someone else thought of it too

Cathy from Novocastrian quilters has organised an eight month churn dash block swap using civil war reproduction fabrics and shirtings.

Above are my April and May blocks ready to swap

My already swapped March and

February blocks

They are collectively a lot more colourful and bright then I had thought they would be and ideas are already forming in my head as to the gorgeous quilt they will make. I've been doing a lot of looking at Pinterest for inspiration and surfing the net. I am loving this swap and I think this will make a bright happy traditional quilt.

Have you made a Churn dash Quilt?

Where do you get you inspiration?


Googy girl

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