Wednesday, January 30, 2013

bits and pieces

i ve been doing lot's of bits and pieces lately a little of this and a little of that

i rediscovered a long put aside stitchery

i think i was actually working on this stitchery the second year i attended GDITC so this is at least 2 years old, i am really enjoying stitching again 
(i tended to gravitate to the machine more recently)

but i learn't a while ago with my stitching to just go with the flow, i try very hard not to work on something i am not enjoying

so if i don't feel like working on it i put it away, and like this gorgeous stitchery when i m ready i ll come back to it

Cooper and i put in a couple of hours on Sunday night watching the Tennis , drinking tea and stitching
it was a very productive night, even if i was a tiny bit disappointed that Andy Murray lost.....

my next few blocks of my winding ways pinned ready to be stitched

i was working away, with Victoria the other night, and i must of really had my photographers eye happening as i keep seeing potential photo's

my threads in my new set of draws my mum bought me for christmas

and i love the way the fabric concertina ed 
(got no idea how to spell that and spell check didn't help) 
behind the needle
i don't know why it did this maybe the machine thought i would enjoy it

but i love this photo

any way nothing finished to show you

just some works in progress 

Hope your hands are working on something that you love


Monday, January 14, 2013

a finish and a rediscovery

Toward the end of last year Thorpe and Co had a bit of a fabric sale
i grabbed three different fabrics to make some skirts

this is the first of the three skirts
it is made in an 
Amy Butler fabric

i think it looks really fresh and summery
(shame about the old wobbly legs coming out the bottom)

i tried to make it look really professional and double top stitched the side seams
put an invisible zipper in
and added a little detail to the bottom

the bottom detail
a bias hem

way way back in July 2011 i attended a workshop
i blogged about it here
for the past 18 months this project was shelved in it's little box
waiting . . . . 

so out she came and i had a little play
and it is back on the sewing cabinet
and my motivation to get some work done on it is at an all time high
unfortunately for my rediscovered project
Today i dropped Victoria (my sewing machine)
off for a service at Thorpe and co (the service centre in Newcastle for Bernina's)
for her first service

so i have to go dig out my old trusty Betsy (Brother sewing machine)
hope she is still happy to play with me otherwise it might be a long 3 wks till 
Victoria returns

how often do you get your machine serviced?

hope your hands are working on something that you love


Monday, January 7, 2013


This post is a little late, but as i have been away on a little mini holiday, i haven't had a chance to put this up until now

on Christmas day i opened all my lovely pressie's from my family and friends
and as i was cleaning up i noticed that there was still one lone pressie still under the tree

it was with great excitement i opened my SSCS pressie from

i received this absolutely gorgeous wall hanging, lovingly stitched 
in Norway

look at the gorgeous stitching and designs

i also received this lovely little calendar

and some very yummy chocolate, can't wait to open these 

i know it has been said a hundred times, but here it comes again

i just want to say a huge Thank you to
for all the hard work she put into the SSCS swap
it's a huge job and no body does it better than Chooky

just wanted to share with you what i have been very lucky to have enjoyed nearly evening for the last week or so

a sunset at beautiful Soldiers Point

hope the New Year brings you all that dream of