Monday, May 30, 2011

Up to date and a New project or was it a work in progress???

 Well i finally did it i got myself up to date with my Stitch a long, as many of you will remember i started about six weeks after the official start date...... but with 48 hours to spare, thanks to night duty i have caught up with all of the stitch a long blocks up to May completed.....

. . . seven of seven. . . .

The Itch got the better of me . . . i have a new project or technically since i have had the fabric since before  Christmas it is a work in progress ( thanks for that suggestion Lyn . . . . . LOL) 

and in typical me fashion is it a 
table runner?                                                 No
is it a simple little bag?                                   No
a pillow or a wall hanging                              No
it's a full size quilt    yep that makes Four full size quilts in progress 

This is the Fabric that caught my eye, i ended up purchasing $80 worth from the range

i have need to admit at this point it has been ages since i have done piecing (other than the stitch a long) and this is my first fully pieced, no applique at all quilt that i have made in ages . . . . .and i am really loving it. . . . . 
it will also be fully machine quilted, so it should be finished in no time. . . . . . .lots and lots of laughter here

Now to come up with a name . . . .
oh i guess you guys don't know that about me but i name almost everything . . . 
my car is Katie Scarlett (she is red, the girls came up with scarlet, gone with the wind . . . know where i am going?)
the house is Bramasole (Italian for to seek the sun. . . . . . from the movie under a Tuscan sun) Gadget's car is "the Prado" i know original Huh . . . it's a Prado, My old Car was Paris and the car before that Charlie and my first car was gem. all my quilts have names of course, it took ages to come up with a name for our dog and in the end Gadget seen a beer truck go past and suggested Cooper after the beer so my dog is named after a beer brand . . . .so i guess names are what i do . . . . just so you know i haven't named the kettle, toaster or dishwasher.

On the weekend Gadget (dh) was foolishly allowed to go to the camping show unchaperoned by myself, even worse he went with our camping buddies and his co-gadget fan (Burning Coite).  He promised that there would be no purchases , so the deal was struck . . . . . whatever he spent at the camping show i would get to spend at the Craft show in Sydney . . . . well to cut a long story short i have $240 to spend . . . . . plus my own spending money i have saved . . . .I think the craft show is going to be great fun (rubbing hands together)

anyway i guess i am in a chatty mood tonight

hope your hands are working on something that you love
Catch you later


Thursday, May 26, 2011

airport entertainment

On the weekend we travelled up to Brisbane to celebrate
Gadget's  (d h) cousin
40th birthday
we had a great time catching up with
family some of whom 
i hadn't seen since my wedding day
21 years ago

we were to return home on Sunday
our flight was to depart at
on arrival at the airport we discovered that the flight was 
delayed until 
our plane arrived at the airport at 3:50pm
needing to be dis-embarked, cleaned and so forth before we could board
hence we boarded some where around 4;20pm
and arrived home some time after six

so we are stuck in the airport
what to do???
i had a book i would have happily read
Gadget had his Iphone so he was busy 
but Miss S didn't have anything to do, so what to do???

take one camera

and take photo's of
 your shoes

we had visited a direct factory outlet
and Miss S purchased herself a pair of red Doc Martin Boots

i scored a new pair of converses
love the colour it's called

so may colours to choose from it was a hard choice

the architecture

they had these great metal butterflies, 
which i sadly didn't notice till just prior to boarding and the 
camera was packed away

the art work on the side of the Virgin planes

did you know each plane has a Australian town name or place
this one was  . . . .Bondi Beach
have you every flown with Virgin?
what was the name of your plane?

and see if you can capture an image of the
smoke from the wheels of the a plane as it lands
(it took alot of landings and photo's to get this image)

i know you are probably thinking....why didn't you do some stitching
well some wally has decided that my teeny weeny little 
embroidery scissors are a deadly weapon 
(i did have one of those travel thread cutter thingies, but it has gone awol)
so my stitching was checked with the luggage
before i knew the flight was delayed

i must admit the photo shoot was entertaining

the sun going down from cloud level
photo taken by Miss S

hope your hands are working on something that you  love


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Time is something i have long lamented
that i just don't have enough of

i know, i know....... this is a common complaint

but really where is the year going, 

it feels like i was only packing up the Christmas decorations
i have sooo. . . . many projects in my basket 
i had hoped this year would be the year to finish some projects
but it's not looking good
i think it was a month or more ago i retreived
Miss S'  s quilt out to work on and i haven't 
done a stitch . . . . 

and the new project itch is starting
but i really really must 
. . . . re . . si . . st . . . .
does it count as a new project if i bought the fabric before christmas?

(sorry common side effect, known commonly as night dutyitis)

i have had busy hands though trying to catch up with my 
stitch a-long
you probably all remember i was a bit of a late starter

i have completed my
first March block for the stitch a long 

my first May Block

my second March block

don't they look great
i must admit i am unsure how they will look altogether, the 
fabric colours are way outside my square 
but they are fun to stitch

 . . . .  i see red , i see red i seee red . . . 

so that's a grand total of 
five totally completed

one stitched 
(the second March block)
and on the sewing table
and  the last of the March blocks has been started

hope your hands are bust stitching something that you 


Sunday, May 15, 2011

autumn days

As summer into Autumn slips
and yet we sooner say
"the summer" than "the autumn" lest
we turn the sun away

Emily Dickinson

 Well it's been a very busy week, since last we chatted
my mum was rushed to hospital, she has lung problems
and the change in weather causes her some problems

i have spent most of my days and some nights at her side
and i am thrilled to report she is feeling much better now
and is nearly ready to go home.

as i returned from work yesterday afternoon i slowed my pace enough to notice that 
my Chinese tallow wood was trying to tell me
that Autumn is here

the woodpile in the garage tells me that the nights are getting cooler
and we are ready for winter

Chooky has been cracking the whip on all us 

the blocks above were completed when i was away at easter
i have already posted them on the stitch-a-long blog

but thought i should post them on here as well

this is my most recent  stitch-a-long work, these three are currently on the sewing table
ready  to have their borders attached

so that means that i have almost 5  blocks completed 
i need 7 completed by the end of the 

My hands have not been idle whilst sitting at mum's bedside
as it was often too dark, or i have been to busy chatting,
to work on my stitch - a - long
 i have been working on my knitting

not a beanie or beret this time
but a long awaited jumper
for me

next time i will 
fill you in on the jumpers story

until then i hope your hands are busy
working on a project you love


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a photographers eye

Here is the disclaimer
i do not claim now or ever to be a great photographer
( i visit far too many photography blogs to make that claim)

i am just a woman with a great camera
a passion
and a little knowledge

anyway one of the things i love about camping
is that i slow down.....
and because i slow down i get the opportunity
 look around and see
my world through the camera lens
with a photographers eye

the view we gaze at whilst sipping our breakfast cuppa

our first sunset

another sunset

The gloaming
you can't see it very well in this shot
but there were thousands of tiny moths, mites....bugs????
fluttering beneath the branchs of this tree

i don't know what they were but they were mesmerising to watch

okay i know it's a fence post 
but i loved it's weathered beauty and colour
there is beauty in the simplest things

i couldn't resist having a go at this photography technique
and Sticky was a willing subject

the technique involves holding the shutter down
and using a torch to paint your subject
it's great fun
as Sticky was wearing muted colours
the golden light of the torch gave the image a very
vintage look

and of course when you spend alot of time
sitting by a fire there is always alot of fire shots

cooking and drying

can you see the fairies dancing

Hope where ever you are 
your hands are working on the something that you love


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers day

Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn,
Hundreds of bees in the purple clover,
Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn,
But only one mother the wide world over.
~George Cooper

To all my blogging friends and to their mums 
i hope you had a truly wonderful
Mothers day


Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Sorry i have been a bit quiet but i have just completed a set of night duty shifts
and for me doing night shift is akin to being a bear
i tend to go into hibernation
i live in my PJ's for four days (well at home anyway) and tend to do very little 
other than read and stitch
My family would probably say i behave like a bear with a sore tooth, and occasionally they are correct but not always . . . ..

anyway enough of that

back to Camping

alot of my friends comment when i say i am going camping
"oh i couldn't do that . . roughing it and all"

but let me tell you we do not rough it

My good friend Sticky (that's her Coite's name) and i hold the firm belief 
that camping is all about taking the opportunity to do all those things that we would rarely do at home
so this year we opened 

SQUINEISHI'S beauty salon

at squineshi's we offer facials
(this is me and my friend Sticky , 
ohhh if your curious my Coite name is squishy,
 i actually scored a new name this year but that's a story for another time )
check out the view from our beauty parlor

Manicure's and pedicure's

okay i know gross i have showed you all my 
very weird looking foot but i just wanted to show you
the beautiful paint work Sticky's daughter did

and make overs

that's Miss S with her bright pink fringe and black hair giving Sticky's youngest daughter
a make - over

the end result . . . . . .

and whilst all this beautifying is taking place we enjoy a
nice cappuccino

made using Gadget's (my dear husband's) last gadget

it makes the coffee from real coffee grounds
heats and froths the milk

(bugger that i forgot to take the chocolate powder)

now you are probably thinking all this pampering 
and no place to go

we had a candelight dinner to go to

yep in the middle of a paddock we ....
all eight families
dined together under one roof
.............well a tarp

but that's not all folks we were all in fancy dress

who said that camping is roughing it
we all think it is  pretty luxurious

hope that your hands are busy making something you love